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“Think of yourself as on the threshold of unparalleled success. A whole clear, glorious life lies before you. Achieve! Achieve.” – Andrew Carnegie

What We Do

Clements Direct Marketing Group offers you and your business or organization a seasoned team of associates who have proven experience in a vast array of industries – Home Services, Insurance, Printing & Mailing Services, Education and Office Systems to name just a few. With over 19 years’ experience, Clements Direct Marketing specializes in Customer Acquisition / Lead Generation Direct Response Marketing through integration of multiple channels. Our goal is the evaluation, creation, production and implementation of out of the box programs that increase your leads, customers, revenue and net profitability!

Improving your internal marketing department

Sometimes even the best in-house or internal departments may benefit from the objectivity of an outside opinion. Clements Direct Marketing Group is completely impartial and unbiased. After a period of time, even the best professionals within an organization may become victims of “revisionist history.” “We tried this before and it didn’t work.” Depending on their professional involvement or association with other companies within the same industry and in different industries, internal staff may not have their fingers on the pulse of current trends and new technology... what’s working and what isn’t.

Some organizations, because of limited resources, may have staffs that haven’t been exposed to certain channels, techniques or modeling techniques. If they conducted tests, was that test scientifically valid?
These are areas of expertise where engaging Clements Direct Marketing Group to evaluate and make recommendations for your existing program could benefit an organization.

Like your existing department, we look out for your interest, but without the overhead and burden of additional employees. Clements Marketing Group does not occupy valuable office space. We do not ask for sick leave or vacations. Your company does not have to contribute to insurance plans, FICA or retirement. Our goal is to maximize your bottom-line profit, period. But you have the experience and objectivity of professionals with over 20 years specializing in Direct Response Marketing.

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Improving your advertising agency or graphic boutique AND smaller agencies
and creative houses that want to grow

Like your agency or creative house, Clements Direct Marketing Group is constantly exposed to the latest marketing and advertising trends across many industries. However, unless you have retained one of the larger agencies, they probably do not have a department or even staffs who specialize in direct response lead generation and customer acquisition.

We have found that many agencies boast of their creative awards. We sincerely congratulate them on creating “pretty ads” and building your brand awareness. But when is the last time your agency boasted that they increased a client’s response rate X%? Or they decreased the CPL (Cost per Lead) a certain dollar amount? Did you agency ever suggest testing more than one element at a time? i.e., testing a different picture or headline as well as either the offer or call-to-action? OR did you test one ad one month and another ad another month and compared the results? If so, it is time to call Clements Direct Marketing Group because the results of those tests are not valid.

As a consulting organization, we do not charge commissions. Some agencies might have a tendency to “place” or not “place” a client into X, Y or Z based on the commission structure that channel offers the agency. Your vendors will bill you directly. Our recommendations are totally based on what we believe is the best channel(s) for you.

For the smaller agencies and graphic houses that want to grow, Clements Direct Marketing Group can be your secret weapon. Our experience and expertise will add tremendous value to your existing customers and they do not even have to know of our involvement unless you choose to inform them. Let us add bottom-line fire power to your presentations and projects.

If Cadillac takes out an ad in Golf Digest and in another publication the same month, not one of their dealers will have the ability to identify and evaluate whether any decrease or increase in test drives was of either ad. However, Clements Direct Marketing Group can show how that same ad could be redesigned with a simple modification so those same results could be measured and evaluated to determine effectiveness. That’s Direct Response Marketing!

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Business to Consumer (B2C)

With the advent, ease of use and almost universal usage of the internet which facilitates the ability to obtain information from almost unlimited sources on every topic or product, today’s (let alone tomorrow’s) consumers are more informed and sophisticated than ever. While they are purchasing ever increasing amounts of products and services through direct response channels, they recognize and resent the four-letter “J” word – Junk!

We are in the business and couldn’t agree more. Junk is only junk if it’s unwanted – untargeted by being sent to a poorly selected inappropriate audience. Everyone’s time is valuable with more and more demands are being placed on that finite item. We cannot increase time.

The “junk” that was created was also a financial waste for the company that distributed it. Those resources could and should have been spent in a more targeted manner to actually bring back a satisfactory ROI for the company.

Through various proven techniques and marketing channels, Clements Direct Marketing Group has the ability to identify the consumers who need a product or service, presenting a “call to action” that compels the consumer to act NOW!

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Business to Business (B2B)

Many businesses (and agencies) find that identifying other businesses that need their product more difficult than identifying a consumer. Consumer files have information on income ranges, presence of children with age ranges, income and house value ranges, length of residency and up to 60 more characteristics.

While an organization has to serve the needs of their present customers, maintaining loyalty and satisfaction is usually not a matter of presenting the lowest price. If a company truly serves its customers, generally that customer base will not attack pennies in price for dollars worth of service.
But how does a company attract new business? Clements Direct Marketing Group has the expertise to identify potential new customers based on several techniques and facts that can be found in your existing customer base.

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Evaluation & Recommendations of Existing Programs and Audit Trails

Upon engagement by a client, Clements Direct Marketing Group will discuss with the client’s executive management what issues, opportunities, problems and/or audit trails they want addressed. If it is a program in total or a general evaluation, we will present a laundry list of questions, information and statistics of a company’s past campaigns for the company’s staff to compile. We will review and evaluate the results and present our findings along with recommendation for immediate implementation. Back to the top.

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Strategic & Market Planning and Forecasting

For companies who are either considering or entering new geographical or product markets, who are growing and now want to develop a forecast model or want to increase response and profitability with existing products or services, Clements Direct Marketing Group can assist in the evaluation of future business based upon specific market conditions, demographics as well as psychographics. The foundation of this information will be the overlay of your existing customer profile onto the new geography and/or market penetration of your competition. After reviewing your historical data, Clements Direct Marketing Group can present you with a weekly matrix by marketing channel of various data points: leads, issued appointments, gross and net sales and revenue.

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Critique of Graphic Design, Offer and Target List/Publication
for various market channels

Clements Direct Marketing Group can evaluate your present:

Direct Mail – While solo direct mail packages are highly “target-able,” but a company must know the characteristics of its customers. Clements Direct Marketing Group can model your customers through various techniques: Profile Analysis, Demographic & Psychographic modeling, as well as Geographic and/or SIC matching.

On the converse of targeting look-a-likes to your customers are generally the higher postage costs vs. a saturation mailing. A company should test which yields the best compromise between initial cost, quantity and quality of leads and finally net ad ratio results.

Traditionally solo direct mail has one of the highest conversion percentages from lead to appointments to sales.

There is a full range of creative executions from self-mailers, to ‘flats,” to closed-face envelopes with match-name components such as letters, brochures and the affixation of generic post-it notes.
John Clements began his career writing, creating, developing and testing solo direct mail packages.
Contact Us for more information.

Co-ops – Co-ops mailings may take for form of coupon or card-pack packages such as ValPak, MoneyMailer, RSVP.

Magazine-like executions, depending on editorial content vs. mostly advertisements, differentiate the publication into a co-op vs. print media categories, i.e., Clipper, Bargin Hunter and Your Home & Beyond (mostly in the Northeast) are examples of magazine-like co-ops.

Generally co-ops are less expensive than solo direct mail and generally are semi target-able by zone vs. totally target-able by individual residence in solo direct mail.

Regional and National “buys” usually receive volume discounts vs. a local “buy.”

Co-ops may or may not offer product semi-exclusivity or there may be a number of competitors in a mailing.

Clements Direct Marketing Group has relationships with several co-op publishers for volume discounts on regional and national programs. Contact Us for more information.

Yellow Pages – Yellow Pages are great for immediate “need” products or services, i.e., roofing after a heavy rain.

A company will generally get more “category” shoppers.

Depending on the book(s) you go into, there are ways to evaluate which ad size is best for you, i.e., in certain circumstances you can get more “pop” with a trademark with color vs. 3/8 of a page ad and at a substantial discount.

If you have many books, i.e., 20+ and operate in several states, it would be beneficial to retain a separate Yellow Page agency. This agency can arrange incentives and discounts not available to a local YP Sales Rep. Ask Clements Direct Marketing Group for a recommendation.
Contact Us for more information.

Field Marketing – Event Marketing has several venue types: Home or Consumer shows, Trade shows (generally for B2B) and Event shows such as wine testing’s, specialty shows such as weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs.

Shows are generally very cost effective depending on how elaborate your display is.

Generally more seasonal with a majority of shows in the Spring and Fall.

Home or Consumer shows usually have the most competitors competing for the same customer.
Contact Us for more information.

Internet – Generally speaking, the Internet, because of its very nature, gives a company national and world-wide exposure. There are a few “paid” programs that allow local to regional targeting.

PPC (Pay-per-Click) programs allow companies to “bid” on placement based on what “key words” are searched for, i.e., Andersen Windows Orlando, Lettershops Long Island.

The higher the ranking on each search or keyword a company bids on – the price for someone to “click” onto your site is higher.

PI (per Inquiry) programs are available but generally on a national basis only.

Solo ads sent to “opt-in” subscriber lists with various internet publishers.

Co-registration ads, i.e., CoolSavings when a new subscriber signs up.
Contact Us for more information.

Print – Print media, where there is editorial/articles usually take the format of either a magazine or a newspaper.

In magazines, if you know your target customer, you can select publications on a local or regional basis (if such exists) or nationally based on the “likes” of your target customer.

Unless it is a national distribution such as USA Today, newspapers have a local or targeted readership. If you have just a local presence its relatively easy to manage or if you’ve the staff to handle to handle tens to hundreds of buys depending on whether you want a regional or national reach, newspapers generally have loyal readership. However, with the internet, many people do not read newspapers anymore and their subscriber base is declining.

With newspapers there are generally two different placement methods, ROP (Run of Press) where your ad is printed on a newspaper page in the section(s) you select.

FSI (Free Standing Inserts) are “blown in” to a newspaper, think of the supermarket multi-page ads or the GEICO ad. FSI can, within reason, be targeted to zones where your “look-a-like” customer base resides. Contact Us for more information.

Media - i.e. Radio or TV – Spot Buys may be very costly depending on the DMA (Dominate Market Area)/ADI (Area of Dominant Influence) that you are targeting, i.e., the New York Metro area is vastly more expensive than Omaha.

Spot buys can even target specific ad placement on individual shows, i.e., the first ad in the second break on Oprah – the more popular the show the higher the cost.

Even spot buys in “broad rotation,” may be costly i.e., 3 ads in the 7A to 5P slot where the station decides when you will air.

PI (per Inquiry) ads can be very cost-effective especially if you are able to act on last minute remnant availability.

PI buys are not always available by station and even when a station will entertain such an arrangement, there is limited inventory. Contact Us for more information.

Alternate Media – “Out-of-Home” advertising takes the form of bill boards, sports or concert arena advertising which, while rather expensive, reaches an audience (and possibly a viewership) where your company / brand will certainly obtain exposure.

Other forms of Alternative media are statement stuffers or having your brochure, ad, or catalog delivered in the package containing something you ordered, i.e., Amazon, Omaha Steaks, Day-Timers, etc. This type of program is generally available on a national basis only.

After reviewing and evaluating your present marketing channels, the Clements Direct Marketing Group would then recommend creative, offer and media testing strategies against your “controls,” as well as tracking mechanisms that can be easily implemented!

We strongly believe that every company should employ several different types of customer acquisition channels. Different media attract or repel different individuals. So, to get your message to the broadest scope of your target audience, you should use an equally broad scope of advertising devices.

Additionally, the greater the number of channels you employ, if, for whatever reason, one should fail, you haven’t lost your entire campaign.

If you have a pie on the edge of a table and it hasn’t been cut yet, but if it falls – you’ve lost your entire pie. However it that same pie is cut in 4 slices and you drop 1 slice – you’ve still got 75% of the pie to enjoy.

For a real-life example, what if you only used telemarketing and direct mail in the New York metro area? After 9/11, the phone system was disrupted for days and following that was the anthrax scare in the mail. You have a very serious disruption in your business. But if you also used Internet, Co-ops and Field/Event Marketing and/or Yellow Pages, yes, your business would suffer, but it wouldn’t come to a complete stop!

Let Clements Direct Marketing Group advise you on what lead generation channels are best for your company.

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List Selection & Modeling

Whether your target customer is a consumer or a business, one of your first and most important “duties” as a business owner or marketer is to identify your current customer, as future customers will, most likely, have similar characteristics.

There are several methods to “model” your present customer:

Profile – which is based on past installed sales, appointments or leads (depending on the quantity of each category which is needed for statistical validity). Your present customer base is reviewed and evaluated against a national data base to learn their age, income, length of residence, presence of children and ages, credit cards – up to 65+ characteristics. The most common characteristics are then weighted and a list of non-customers who most closely “match” your customers would become a profile list.

Index Based – this is where you gather a list of all the zip-codes you have previously targeted, then compile of list of customers with their zip-code and finally either the presence of a sale or the dollar volume of that sale and compile an “index” based on frequency of leads within common zip-codes and amount or sales.

PRIZM® or “cluster” Analysis – this type of “modeling” is based on the principle that people/households will live in neighborhoods composed of people/households with similar lifestyles. “Birds of a feather, flock together.”

Multi-variate Regression – the most dominate 6 to 8 characteristics of your present customer based are identified and individually weighted for each household. Different households may have different weights on a particular characteristic, but their total score might be the same. In other words while there are individual differences, their total score makes them more or less likely to be a customer. Please see the example below:

Characteristic Household #1 Household #2 Household #3 Household #4
Characteristic – A 36.2 10.5 13.3 27.5
Characteristic – B 7.0 0.7 2.2 11.8
Characteristic – C   3.2 9.8 7.2
Characteristic – D 3.9   19.5 13.4
Characteristic – E 17.9 1.9 11.4  
Characteristic – F 13.2 0.8 7.1 9.0
Characteristic – G 0.4 3.7   9.7
TOTAL SCORE 78.60 20.80 63.30 78.60

As you can see, Household #1 and #4 have the same total score while differing on specific characteristics. Household #3 isn’t as good a match for your product or service, but they are worth reaching out to periodically. Household #2 isn’t a match at all and rather than spending your resources on them, we’d suggest reaching out to #1 and #4 via different channels.

SIC Codes – SIC codes are used to identify businesses. Each industry and/or sub-industry has been assigned a universal SIC code based on both their primary and secondary businesses along with their annual revenue. For B2B, list selection/profiling, a company could identify their largest and/or most profitable customers and have the SIC codes as well as revenue information appended onto those records. The SIC codes and dollar volume can be compared to “like” companies within the target geography to identify prospective companies to do business with.

Clements Direct Marketing Group will work with your company to identify the best model(s) for specific projects based on the type of channel(s) you are targeting.

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Data Mining

This is the process of picking out sub-data from your present customers and/or their past orders and finding specific sub-sets to market your products and services to. NOTE: First of all you have to know where your customers are coming from, i.e., channel, and then you have to have a database that tracks each customer as well as their orders, what promotional or validation code originated each transaction, etc.

Home Services Example: You have “X” amount of window customers and you can identify (based on the average number of units for your geography) which customers purchased “partials.” Now you have “data mined” a specific list to sell them more windows to finish their home.

Retail Example: After doing various queries in your database of what customers have purchased other items and found a high degree of similar transactions, you find that “X” amount of customers who purchased a particular ladies skirt also purchased a particular sweater. A) you can go back and do a mailing or email letter to all those customers who purchased one without the other and B) when you print a new catalog or ad you can “pair” the two items as a special “combo” sale.

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Testing & Tracking

If you can’t identify which source(s), offers, lists, media and creative treatments are working, how can you possibly maximize your resources to expand the winning elements and eliminate the least profitable ones? Track, Track, Track!

Testing – How do you know that another creative execution, offer or list might not outperform your current “control?” You test. BUT, you have to test with scientific validity. If you advertising one ad one month and another ad the next, you do not have a valid test. There could be seasonality, economic and/or political differences. If you test both a different creative execution and a different offer, you do not have a valid test. Which one worked? Which one decreased responses? The creative? The offer? Alright you conducted a test with only 1 component during the same time period with an “A/B” split and the good news is one execution performed 100% better. “A” received 4 responses and “B” received 2 responses. Again, you do not have a valid test as you must have statistical validity in the quantity of responses.

If you want to implement a valid testing system, Clements Direct Marketing Group will be more than willing to discuss your project if you’ll call or click here.

Again, you must have a system and a database that can identify, track each customer, marketing source, transaction and promotional or validation code! RJR Technology is a strategic partner with Clements Direct Marketing Source. They have created a system that is not only scaleable but also can be easily customized for each client’s needs.

Ad Ratio – the cost of the marketing effort divided by the Gross or Net Revenue as a percent.
Different Phone numbers for each source or test or a different extension for each can give you a “rough” idea. Just remember the quality of the data coming out is only as good as the quality of the input data.
Promotional or Validation Codes may have a different component for the marketing channel, year and week/month of placement or distribution, the list, creative execution and offer. i.e., A1-07-P5-16-7942.

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Complete Project Management

“A consultant is someone who provides value through specialized expertise, content, behavior, skill, or other resources to assist a client in improving the status quo in return for mutually agreed compensation. Consulting is not synonymous with implementing, delivering, instructing, or executing.” – Alan Weiss

BUT Clements Direct Marketing Group can and will evaluate, develop, execute and implement programs if our client’s request those activities.

While many independent and consultant groups only review, evaluate and recommend, we dig in and get our hands dirty. Whether you desire us to do all or part of a project or campaign, we will create, develop, produce and implements lead generation / customer acquisition programs to increase your business, lower acquisition costs and/or increase bottom-line profitability.

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Copywriting, Graphic Design, Photography and Website Design

As a consulting group, Clements Direct Marketing does not have graphic or web designers or photographers on staff. We believe that each product or industry can be best serviced by individuals who have a proven expertise in those areas of execution. Therefore, when we are working on a project, you are not limited with our “staff” members, rather we will draw on our vast array of contacts who we believe will be best suited for your particular assignment. Please click here to view a sample of our work.

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Working Arrangements

Project Basis: As a consulting group, there are no agency commissions or production mark-ups; you are invoiced directly from the vendors (printers, lettershops, list houses, media or internet publishers). Our fees are based on the time required to complete each assignment if we’re on a project basis.

Workshops & Seminars: As a speaker, John Clements if available for Direct Response Marketing workshops and seminars; the arrangements for these services are on a daily basis.

Monthly Retainer: Clements Marketing Group also has monthly and long-term retainer arrangements available.

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“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.” – Stuart H. Britt

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