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Dear <M/M> <FIRST_NAME>,

You are invited to enjoy an Omaha Steak Dinner on us!

That’s right, I’ll present you with an Omaha Steak Gift Certificate worth up to $138.00 when you schedule and I meet with you concerning your international mailing program(s). Of course Omaha now offers gourmet chicken and seafood along with their world renowned steaks.

With International Postal Solutions’ 18 years experience in foreign mailings, we’d like to invite <COMPANY_NAME> to join many of the other <SIC Code> companies who have placed their trust in us. At IPS, we understand the importance of the confidential nature of your and your organizations position regarding the reliable, time-sensitive communication of legal documents. Any cost savings we can provide are secondary to the confidence and peace of mind we can offer you.

IPS’ Worldwide Mailing Matrix was developed to utilize the strength of the world’s most effective postal authorities by combining enhanced delivery times with lower postage costs.

The following are a sample of the type of mailings we specialize in:

• Proxy & Security Mailings
• Merger & Acquisition Mailings
• Financial Institutions with Foreign Accounts
• Transfer or Prospectus Mailings
• Quarterly & Annual Report Mailings

IPS offers a range of postal delivery solutions including First Priority, Standard, Economy, Publication, Canada Direct, Courier and Value Added options to fit <COMPANYS_NAME> shipping and postal needs.

Where does IPS deliver? Basically anywhere. Some of our more popular destinations include:

• Europe
• Middle East
• Latin America
• Caribbean
• Asia & the Pacific Rim
• Africa
• Canada
• Oceania

<M/M> <LAST_NAME>, whether you are totally satisfied with your present foreign mailing source or are actively investigating alternative solutions, may I request a meeting to discuss what options and unique solutions IPS may offer <COMPANY_NAME>?

Have you received an increase notice for 2006?

Thank you in advance for your consideration if International Postal Solutions for your foreign mail and shipping requirements. For fastest service and the fastest way to enjoy your FREE Omaha Steaks, chicken or seafood, call 1-866-477-6245 or email at Joe@ips-mail.com. You can also fax the enclosed response to us at 631-699-0113 or mail it in the enclosed envelope.


Joseph Amalfitano
Vice President