You are invited to enjoy a Omaha Steak dinner on Bargin Hunter Magazine!

That’s right... for every appointment scheduled and I meet with, we’ll give you a certificate for Omaha Steak’s worth up to $138.00 concerning advertising in Bargin Hunter Magazine. Bargin Hunter’s goal is to provide a seamless, cost-effective solution to your lead generation / customer acquisition needs.

Why Bargin Hunter Magazine?
Bargin Hunter Magazine covers approximately 9 Million Long Island homes yearly and another 2.5 Million in Queens, and over 600,000+ homes in Middlesex and Monmouth Counties, NJ for the Fall of 2006.

  • Semi-exclusivity – only 2 companies offering the same services or in the same industry are in any one book! The competition may have 3, 4 or even more competing companies in the same issue. Also, unlike other vehicles, Bargin Hunter is between 24 and 48 pages vs. 96+ pages so your client’s ads will not get “passed over.”
  • Staggered mailings – equals even lead or customer-flow for your business. Bargin Hunter mails approximately 100,000 issues from mid-February to the end of October. We even exclude holiday weeks, i.e., Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day. Other companies mail their entire circulation all at once which may result in a “feast or famine” lead-flow effect.
  • Mailed to homes – this ensures deliverability directly in consumer mailboxes. Everyone who has a mail box will see your ad. Not everyone subscribes to newspapers and newspaper inserts can fall out. Additionally, some homes may receive duplicate inserts and others none at all.
  • Targeted audience – Bargin Hunter only mails into zip-codes with a 75% plus concentration of Single Family Dwelling Units (most likely homeowners), rather than to a majority of apartments which would have more renters.
  • RESULTS – an independent call-tracking system proves that in a 3-month period, a Bargin Hunter advertiser received 91.9% more calls than another regional publication and 437.88% more calls than a local magazine!

Companies that advertise regularly in Bargin Hunter experience increased leads/customers
and increased revenue and profitability based on our competitive rates.

Please view a call-comparison chart prepared by an independent 3rd party tracking company for one of Bargin Hunter’s advertisers.



<FIRST_NAME>, I will be calling you in the next few weeks to discuss the potential of adding <COMPANY_NAME> to our list of satisfied customers.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of Bargin Hunter Magazine for your lead generation / customer acquisition sales requirements. For fastest service and the fastest way to enjoy your FREE Omaha Steak Dinner, call 1-631-455-6539 or email at Winkoff@mvsmailers.com.



Steve Winkoff